double z (primless) wrote in pet_utopia,
double z

Sick Mouse!

So, I bought a mouse at Petco, as well as a little cage set with a food bowl, wheel, and water bottle thing for him, and food and bedding, etc. about three days ago. At first, he was very active, if not a little eager to try and escape, and seemed very healthy. I was so excited to have a mouse, and I looked up all this information on taking care of them, etc.

However, I woke up this morning to find him hunched over in a funky position, and breathing very heavily. Concerned, I touched him a little on the back, at which he lept forward, fell over on his side, and stayed in the same position for a long time, with his feet sticking out. Since then, he has moved--he continues to move from sitting on top of the food bowl to the floor of his little house, but then returns to the hunched over position, with his eyes closed, and breathing heavily. He is clearly ill.

I called the people at Petco, but they said sometimes the mice just get sick and die, and I could come get another one if I wanted (which I don't--I hate it when people think replacing a pet just makes it doesn't matter if I haven't had him that long).

My first question is, WHAT ON EARTH COULD BE WRONG WITH HIM? I really don't have the money to take a $2 mouse to a vet (I'm a poor college student), and the people at Petco couldn't really give me any information.

My second question is, when I first took him out of the little petco box and put him in his house, he bit me. Is it likely that a domesticated mouse could spread a disease to me? Should I get this checked out? I'm going to call the do

He is still alive tonight, but things look bleak. However, I don't know that I would even know what that looks like, because I've never had a mouse before.

This is very depressing. If you have any information that may help, please, share it!

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