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Life as a pet..

animal lovers unite

Pets R Us
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This community is for those live journal users who love their pet. Here you can post about your pet, ask questions, give tips, post photos, tell funny stories..etc. If it has anything to do with animals in general you can talk about it here. You can even post funny animal pics here that you get off the net. It doesn't necessarily have to be your pet.

If you are going to post a lot of information or more than two photos please put it behind an lj-cut tag. :) If you do not know how then click here. Thank you!

Please don't promote other communities in here unless it has to do with animals or pets; other communities listed will be deleted. You can promote other communities at community_promo or to find other communities look at community_quest. Thank you and enjoy the community! :)


~cherry_divinity, moderator

**Thank you, tsuki_oni for the idea! :)**